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    Support the full cycle of creating Android and iOS mobile apps
    research and development in aspects across a wide range of virtualization techniques.
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    Selection of tools and platforms appropriate for your project
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welcome to KiperTech

We accelerate business integrating our solutions with technological environments of our customers, we also provide general business solutions, including those based on the co-existence of different environs.

We take an active part in adapting computer systems to upcoming trends, constantly modernising software development process and technologies.

By highly individualised approach and applying the unique technology to match each problem, it is easy to find professional and quick solution to satisfy our customers.

Close co-operation within the group, instant reaction to our customers needs and minimalistic software production process life-cycle, guarantee the highest satisfaction and rapid time to market solution.

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our values

Help customers

We specialize in providing efficient IT solutions to our customers. The systems we implement automate a number of company's processes so that customers can focus on their core business.

Unique solutions

Our mission is to provide interesting products as well as creating unique solutions for our customers. By developing dedicated tools and automating processes, we help to grow our Partner's business.


Our passion is to create unusual solutions combining software, hardware and non-standard techniques, ideas, libraries, which at some point may result in an amazing synergy of the target solution for our customers.


We raise our qualifications to provide customers with the highest and professional quality of service. In every project we find a number of goals to achieve. Some of our projects are realized in terms of Innovation and R&D.

our services

Comprehensive business solutions

Support for a full solution for the customer, e.g. implementation of a mobile application, from designing through implementations, tests, selection of a server solution, e.g. cloud, and implementation of server-side functionalities, as well as support in the implementation process to stores.

Mobile development

Mobile systems development (Android & iOS) is something we have extensive experience in. Practical knowledge of a number of APIs, e.g. VoIP, BLE, AR, allows us to quickly enter the customers business topic offering an appropriate solution and deliver an MVP class solution in a short term.

Backend systems development

Java oriented backend in various architectures e.g. microservices (using: Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Hazelcast, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Datastax, Apache and other libs and SDKs), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using Oracle Service Bus middleware class solutions and BPM Suite.

Computer Vision processing

Computer vision algorithms using OpenCV for desktop and mobile systems. Real-time vision computing using Linux capabilities, C/C++ programming with modern standards of the language (C++17, C++20). Examples: passive or active marker tracking for motion capture, eye tracking, image recognition.

our products

Measurement and control sensor systemt

We are developing a lightweight system for monitoring and controlling heterogeneous sensors (including T&D TR7 series, but not only). The system is highly scalable and customizable so as to provide appropriate functionalities to our clients.

Tools application for mobile solutions

A set of various mobile tool apps, dedicated to many usecases such as supervision, monitoring, control, cooperation with peripheral devices (with different interfaces and protocols), Voice over IP, telemetry ane many others.

Resource Planning and smart CRM system

A smart application to support small and medium-sized companies by optimizing processes such as sales, tasks, collection, and others. Also in the mobile version. System is highly customizable including dictionaries, workflow and templates.

current R&D

Internet of Things (IoT) R&D

The goal of our R&D is a network of physical objects along with sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices throughout the ecosystem. We focus on intelligent objects that interact with each other, but on the other hand, are autonomous enough to perform basic operations independently.

Virtual Reality (VR/AR/MR) R&D

Virtual Entertainment Enhanced Platform - combines motion capture and VR to create an immersive virtual space where the user can move freely. The user wears a marker which is observed by a set of cameras, while it's position is sent to VR goggles and used for visualization. The additional mobile app is used to communicate with users.




Backend systems development in financial sector


VoIP solutions for mobile applications


Dementia support and early diagnosis


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